Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Join me on my adventures of travelling, photography and general well being.

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ChatGPT — Friend or Foe?

ChatGPT — Friend or Foe?

STORY AT-A-GLANCE ChatGPT is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI). “GPT” stands for “generative pre trained transformer,” and the...

Tabouli Salad made with Quinoa

Tabouli Salad made with Quinoa

1 cup of quinoa1 cup water1.5 cups parsley - chopped1/2 cup chapped fresh mint2 fresh tomatoes cut small1 garlic clove...

Sweet Potato Salad (Roasted)

Sweet Potato Salad (Roasted)

2 medium sized peeled and cubed sweet potatoes 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 eggs (hard boiled and chopped) 1/2 cup...

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Hello and welcome to my blog. In my posts I will share some of the things I am passionate about such as photography, my travel adventure as well as how to lead a sustainable lifestyle and alternative healing. I love being creative and I hope you feel inspired by the words you read.


Claudia Z